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Water damage is the number one disaster suffered annually in the United States. Floods are the most common causes of water damage in Miami. Statistics shows that there is a 1% chance of a 100-year flood incident. In 2012, $7.7 billion worth of flood claims was settled across the country. Whether the damage is caused by flood water, a burst pipe or any other means, Miami Restoration Pro will come to your aid. Don’t let water devastate your building and everything in it. Ignoring a swollen foundation, a crack or a shift in your wall can lead to a breakage of your electric system adding more to your water disaster. If you notice a leak or a pool of water on your floor, do not settle for a simple mop up. A case of water damage will put a halt to your business operations, disrupt your daily home routines as well as hinder you from performing the tasks that you survive by.

As a Miami resident, it is in your best interest to get the services of an expert to handle your water damage issues. Miami Restoration Pro has trained staff that has experience on water damage repair proficiency. These experts have a step by step means of getting you back on your feet as far as restoration is concerned. Our systematic approach to recover your home or office has placed us on the front line of the restoration service.

This approach is guided by the following steps:

Removal of Standing Water

Stagnant water is the most common sign of a water damaged home or business premise. Our unparalleled service industry is well equipped with the necessary tools for clearing water pools. Our water extraction machines are readily available when on call. Through the Sub-surface process, we are able to reach to all the water on your carpets and floor surfaces and extract it.

After Drying Services

Once we have drained your property of all water, we offer services that are geared towards minimizing your loss. All flooring materials including underlayment, floor padding, carpets and tiles are pulled out. This step is taken to ensure that moulds do not grow due to the dumbness. We do what we can to salvage as much of your items as we can, what cannot be salvaged you replace.

Personal Property Restoration

Residential houses and offices are places used for safe keeping our documents. We understand that the residents of Miami use their houses and business premises for the purpose. Water disasters come without a warning. Depending on the extent of the damage or the amount the destructive water, it is possible that your important documents, furniture or machinery get affected. We attempt to restore these documents to the closest they can be to their original state.

Ensuring Safety of Your Habitat

The Presence of water creates a conducive environment for mould, mildew, bacteria and other organic contaminants. Ensuring your safety being among our core values, we remove all airborne particles and rid your premises of all these harmful conditions to ensure that your habitat is safe to live in.

Water Damage Restoration Miami program has been a great success thanks to Miami Restoration Pro. We are your best partners in regaining order after suffering a flood. Any uncontrolled flow of water, however, big or small is destructive. This kind of water has the potential of permanently compromising your structural integrity.

Picking Miami Restoration Pro as the best choice to handle your water damage repair process has the following benefits:


Our good name has been built mainly through our reliable services. Once you commit us with a task, we do not stop until it is completed. Adherence to professionalism and the set ethical standards is vital to in the operations of our organization. We believe that you as our client takes consolation in our restoration services and; therefore, we cannot let you down or make you suffer further damages due to a shoddy task. We are always prepared to help assist you to get back to your earlier situation.

Availability For Water Damage Miami

The biggest joy of having something is getting it when you most need it. A late delivery of a service can worsen the situation of the recipient. At Miami Restoration Pro, responses for duty calls are treated with utmost seriousness. We understand the emergency nature of a water damage case and the need for a fast repair channel. Our services are outstanding and professional no matter the time of your need. We do not need hours or days to plan on how to carry out our services when we get to you; rather it takes minutes to reach you with all the proper and functional tools ready to get to work.

Proper Certification

Miami Restoration Pro is a registered and properly certified company. These certifications are a reflection of our commitment to excellence, undying commitment, unwavering dedication to service and the continuous observation of quality in our service delivery. We also endeavor to keep up with the latest technology developments and techniques in the ever-changing Miami water damage restoration industry.

Customer Satisfaction

satisfaction of water damage Miami clientsOur knowledgeable crew is widely known for using their state-of-the-art equipment of the trade. Through this, we perform high-quality work aiming at your satisfaction. We do not just believe in getting the work done; rather we insist on having our duties performed the best way and to the best of our abilities. We do not stop draining, repairing, extracting or any other restoration process until you are satisfied. Our team is composed of staff who are concerned and are sensitive to your needs; we take note of the kind of environment we are operating in and give it it’s due respect. If restoring your business premises, we ensure that all forms of noise disruptions are kept to the minimal. Interference with your business operations is maintained at the lowest level.

If you are looking for a company where the highest level of attention is paid to professionalism and expertise, contact us at (786) 224-6129 for all your water damage restoration needs today.